How The Pipe Relining Experts Work?

It`s true that in order to fix drains in the past, the entire road had to be dug up which created a havoc and caused great disruption to people. The road got unnecessarily jammed, traffic used to get aggravated and on top of that the entire road had to be restored and landscaped to its original condition in it it was.

Technology today has advanced and engineers use today sophisticated methods to `reline the broken or damaged pipelines. Pipe relining in short is the official “No Dig” solution for all the damaged pipelines. The blocked drains and pipelines can now be repaired easily without any issues.

How do the experts work?

The pipe relining experts use the CCTV camera at first to use a camera and send it down the drain to assess the damage first and assess if the relining can actually be done. If the relining is possible and the drain or the sewer can be repaired using the Trenchless method, a quote is prepared by the engineers.

To clear of the drain, a high-pressure water jet is used so that the relining can be initiated. Next, a seamless, flexible textile liner is cut accordingly and is then soaked accordingly in a safe environmental resin. It is then inserted into the damaged pipe by making use of compressed air.  Also, in order to assist the resin to cure, hot water is pumped into the liner.

In the end, the result is that a new pipe is perfectly fitted into an old pipe. Also, a pipe within another pipe is watertight and 100% perfect.